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Solar Appointments

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How Solar Appointments Are Generated?

At Contractor Appointments, we believe in an inbound approach, read more here, which means customers come to us.  We place ads on Google, Facebook, and Bing for relevant terms such as “solar estimate,” "Solar installers in...”  Once a customer clicks on an advertisement they will land on one of many of our appointment booking pages like this one. Customers then communicate with our chatbot or form to explain their project needs, tell us where they are located and most importantly why they want solar.  We help them find & book a solar consultation appointment online with solar installers on our platform. Alternatively, customers can always call in to book their solar appointments too.



How Are Solar Appointments Verified?

Homeowners are asked a series of qualifying questions to better serve them with the right installer including what they're current energy bills are, why they are looking into solar as an option for their home. Depending on their response our team will reach out to the customer to clarify, confirm their exact needs and book the appointment only if the customer has a true need, interest, and desire for solar installation.



How Are Solar Appointments Confirmed?

Appointments are 100% confirmed through our automated double confirmation process. Once a customer books their appointment with you they immediately receive a confirmation email and text message that they need to confirm the appointment details, that they will be home, and that their project description is correct.


Here's what you can expect with our appointments.

How Many Appointments Should I expect Per Week?

The average solar installer receives 3-5 Appointments per week but can vary greatly based on geographic coverage area. Demand can and does vary greatly by state.

What’s Guaranteed With Each Solar Appointment?

Our guarantees are straightforward. You're able to meet the customer and estimate the solar project guaranteed.

How May Solar Installers Will I Compete With?

Homeowners can book estimates with a maximum of 3 contractors on their project for comparison quotes.

What is The Average Closing Rate on Solar Appointments?

Of the over 19,000 appointments run by contractors over the past 18 months, contractors report an average closing rate of 25%.


What do Solar Appointments Cost?

$100-200 Per Quality Appointment
Guaranteed to meet the customer and estimate their project.