One Leg





We are excited to announce this new partnership with One Leg. One Leg helps companies improve marketing and sales systems, and helps reduce marketing waste. Contractor Appointments and One Leg are partnering to create amazing customer experiences.

How Effective Is Your Customer Experience?

One Leg can assist you in developing your sales and marketing stack, as well as your sales and marketing team. One Leg can also help you develop your program, and your business to remove excess marketing waste.

OneLeg will modernize the creative and technology experience and make marketing more manageable, more efficient, more affordable, and much more effective–thus significantly reducing wasted capital and resources. 

Poor customer experience, according to OneLeg, pollutes the marketing environment with weary, outdated, indistinguishable, and underachieving companies. But it’s worse than that: many businesses have forgotten the most basic thing of all… The customer.

One Leg is on a mission, on behalf of their client’s customers, to change that.

Zero Marketing Waste

The main objective of OneLeg is to improve the creative and technological experience of your marketing, while also making your marketing more manageable, efficient, inexpensive, and effective – resulting in substantial cost savings. One Leg also aims to reduce waste by providing a budget-friendly pricing structure that includes creative, practical guidance, and intelligent automation with tiered sprint pricing.

Contractor Appointments is a leading contractor lead referral network in the United States. With over 30,000 homeowner projects per month on their site, it’s easy for contractors to connect with their qualified leads in minutes. All you have to do is visit or give us a call to get started!

This partnership is sure to create efficiencies for Contractor Appointments customers as One Legs helps improve your company’s marketing and sales systems through improved marketing and sales stacks and reduce marketing waste.

Look for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks!