How Are Appointments Qualified


Eight questions (at least). Once a homeowner requests an estimate we call them to confirm the appointment details.  During our qualifying call we ask the homeowner specific questions depending on their project need so we can best route a contractor to help them with their project.

What questions do we ask?

Questions are different depending on the project type but we ask the questions below on every call.

Is this a good time for all decision makers be present? (Good for the homeowner, Good for the contractor)

Homeowners rarely make decisions alone, that’s why we always confirm both homeowners will be present for their appointments. Some contractors even tell us that “one-leg” appointments closing rates plummet (Bad for the contractor).  Also homeowners need twice as many meetings with their contractor to get in agreement over what color they want or type of window. (Bad for the homeowner)

Tell me a little more about the project?

Open ended questions can often help us flush out any possible issues or special customizations projects might have.  This helps prep contractors for their appointment.

How old is the home?

We ask how old the home is to give you a better picture of what other projects they may need, or if they only want say 10 windows replaced now this would help you know that they will need the rest replaced soon.


Window Projects

How many windows are you looking to get replaced?

All window appointment projects need to be 3 or more windows or pricing just doesn’t make sense for the homeowner or the contractor.

How many windows do you have in the house? (total)

Often smaller 3-5 window projects are just the beginning and lead to much larger projects or the work being done in phases.  This allows our contractor to have the big picture in mind when quoting a project as well as save the homeowner money if they choose to get them all done at once.

How old are all the windows in the house?

There is a reason why they need windows, most likely they’re old, but this provided great information for the contractor.

What type of windows are you interested in (vinyl, wood, aluminum)?

Homeowners have often done their homeowner and know what they want, or at least have a rough idea of what they want.  This helps the contractor understand where the homeowner is at and how to best help them.

Do you already have financing for this project or is that something you want our pro to provide?

Knowing the customers financial situation whether they plan on paying cash, if they already have a loan, or if they need the contractor to provide one preps our contractor.