Appointment Confirmation Process


We’ve all showed up to that unconfirmed appointment… You arrive early for your estimate, walk slowly to the door as you survey the neighborhood, cars in the driveway, and condition of the home.  Knock on the door, step back, and review your lead sheet while you wait. The homeowner opens the door slowly, you’re ready to introduce yourself, but as the door opens wider you see the homeowners doesn’t have the usual warm greeting but a puzzled look like you’ve just landed a spaceship in their yard…

Bewildered Homeowner: “ahh hello, can I help you…”

You:  “Yes, I’m here for the estimate on your windows.”

Bewildered Homeowner: “oh, I’ve already decided to go with _____ company…”

You: “SERIOUSLY!!!  I DROVE ALL OF THE WAY OUT HERE FOR THIS!?!? ” (of coarse you don’t say that to the homeowner)

It happens, but, it can be avoided.

I’d love if you answered one quick question: what technology new or old has helped improve the communication with the homeowner?

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Our Appointment Confirmation Process

1. The initial call: 

The best time to communicate expectations is on the initial cal with the homeowner.  We ask them 25+ qualifying Questions keeping them engaged and making sure that what they’re looking for is something we can service.  Repeating the company name and selling points helps bring clarity to who will they should be expecting so they don’t forget.  Letting them know exactly what will happen next: You will receive a confirmation email with the company info and appointment date and time, please click on confirm appointment.

2. The “Thank You” email:

“thank you for scheduling an appointment with  ______ (company), we look forward to meeting you on ____(Date/Time)  Please click here to confirm”  (Note: Depending on if they click “confirm” right away or not will determine how many emails/follow ups we end up sending them)

3. The Reminder Email:

If they appointment is set out more than 36 hours there will always be a reminder email sent out 24 hours prior to their appointment. (We also track open rates of this email.

4. The Reminder Call:

If no confirmation link has been accepted we will make a curtesy call to the homeowner.

5. The Two way Text Message:

If we are unable to reach the homeowner via a phone call and email is unresponsive we will sent them a direct text message confirming their appointment.