13 Reasons Why You Should Use Contractor Appointments


(1) – 30% of appointments turn into sales

Our contractors consistently convert nearly 1 in every 3 appointments they receive. Probability is a powerful thing.

(2) – Completely pay as you go

Simply pay for appointments as you receive them, no upfront payments, no contracts.

(3) – 100% generated online (Google, Facebook, & Bing)

Quality appointments start with how homeowners find us.  They’re actively searching for an estimate, we’re here to help them.

(4) – We qualify the homeowner

  • The time is good for all homeowners to be present.
  • The project is replacing more than 3 windows.
  • The desired timeframe for completing the project is within 6 months.
  • They will be home for the appointment.

(5) – You’re guaranteed to estimate the project (or we replace it)

If you’re not able to meet the homeowner or estimate the project, we replace the appointment.  We think it’s only fair.

(6) – You have an awesome support team

Not only can you email, or text us anytime, you also have a direct line to your account manager.  And oddly enough we answer the phone.

(7) – Ability to choose your coverage area down to the zip code

Add and remove coverage area by zip codes to target only the areas you really want and remove those you don’t.

(8) – You don’t have to fight for refunds (all cancelations and no-shows are replaced)

Returns are as easy as clicking a button in each appointment notification email.  No-shows, cancellations, etc – replaced…. for free!

(9) – The time and date are set (Just show up)

Just sit back and let us handle all of the marketing, booking of the appointment, and confirmation.  Just show up and make the sale.

(10) – Completely on-demand

You have complete control of your account, turn on and off whenever you’d like.

(11) – Simple for the homeowner

When a customer requests an estimate, we get in touch as quickly as possible (usually within 10 minutes). We verify their information, make sure we can help them, and schedule the appointment.

(12) – Simple for the contractor

You’ll receive an email notification with the customer information along with the date and time they’re expecting you for their estimate.  Simply add the appointment to your calendar, show up, and make the sale.

(13) – It’s easy to get started with appointments

You can sign up online right here or schedule a call and set up an account over the phone.